Speeches & Opinions: 2010

Ross Gittins address to ACTU Whitlam Lecture

Media Release - November 30, 2010

Just about everyone has it firmly fixed in their mind that the gap between rich and poor is growing – the rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

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Ged Kearney address to 9th Annual Workforce Conference

Media Release - November 22, 2010

If you have been reading newspapers over the past few weeks, you would think that Australia was on the verge of a massive wages break-out and the pre-Christmas beer strike had been revived from the ‘70s.

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Ged Kearney address to Ai Group National Forum

Media Release - October 25, 2010

We may not always see eye-to-eye, but the ACTU and the Ai Group have enjoyed a constructive working relationship over the past few years.

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Ged Kearney opinion piece: An independent union voice

Media Release - October 13, 2010

The traditional ties with Labor will remain – for some unions more closely than others – but unions will work with elected representatives who show a genuine commitment to enhancing workers’ rights – and of taking a long-term view to improving our members’ lives.

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Ged Kearney address to Industrial Relations Society of Victoria Annual Convention

Media Release - October 8, 2010

One of the things I’d like to talk to you about is how the ACTU and our unions will function in this new political environment and that may well include working with Adam and his colleagues in the Greens – along with the independents – where necessary.

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Ged Kearney address to National Press Club: A vision for the Australian union movement

Media Release - October 6, 2010

Regardless of the novelty of the current political environment the long term task of the union movement and my role as part of its leadership is to help build our membership, improve our capacity to campaign, and broaden our agenda.

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Ged Kearney: WA is not an island

Media Release - September 11, 2010

Different as WA is, the state is not an island, argues ACTU President Ged Kearney. To be part of an integrated national economy, Western Australia must also be part of an integrated national IR system.

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Ged Kearney: Collaborative Industrial Relations: Australia’s Future or Another Pipe Dream

Media Release - August 27, 2010

I do believe in the power of collaboration as a mechanism for positive change. At the end of the election – whoever forms Government – we now have a consensus on IR that provides a foundation for collaboration in workplace policy going forward.

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Ged Kearney: Don’t buy Abbott’s conversion on WorkChoices

Media Release - August 10, 2010

It is absolutely appalling that so far into the election campaign, Abbott is refusing to release an industrial relations policy or honestly tell the public what he has planned.

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Ged Kearney: launch of 2010 Australian Work and Life Index

Media Release - August 3, 2010

The Australian Work and Life Index is a valuable contribution to national debate about what is one of the most pressing issues confronting all workers: how to balance work with family and leisure.

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