Climate Change Fact Sheets and Resources

Some useful resources on climate change, energy and just transitions:

Climate Change in Australia (CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology): a government portal about the science and impacts of climate change

NASA: Global climate change: Vital Signs

NASA video: Global warming from 1880 to 2019: 

International Trade Union Confederation: Just Transition Centre

International Labour Organisation: Frequently Asked Questions on Climate Change and Jobs

Climate Action Tracker: An international assessment of national climate change responses

ACTU Climate, Energy and Just Transition policy

ACTU report: Sharing the Benefits with workers: A decent jobs agenda for Australia’s renewable energy industry, November 2020

ACTU submission to the Federal Government’s Technology Investment Roadmap, June 2020

ACTU submission on the Energy Security Board’s Post 2025 market design: An Energy Market Plan that neglects Australian workers

ACTU submission on Zali Steggall’s proposed Climate Change Act, Nov 2020

International Labour Organisation, Working on a warmer planet The impact of heat stress on labour productivity and decent work

ACTU, Sharing the challenges and opportunities of a clean energy economy: Policy discussion paper. A Just Transition for coal-fired electricity sector workers and communities

Professor Ross Garnaut presenting to Australian union movement leaders on Australia’s renewable superpower opportunity

University of Melbourne, From Mining to Making – Australia’s Future in zero-emissions metal

MUA, ETU, Victorian Trades Hall Council, AMWU, Putting the ‘Justice’ in ‘Just Transition’ 

CFMEU Just Transitions Report: The Ruhr or Appalachia? Deciding the future of Australia’s coal power workers and communities

Australian Climate Roundtable: The Australian Climate Roundtable, of which the ACTU is a member, is a broad alliance of major Australian business, environmental, farmer, investor, union and social welfare groups. 

Community Public Sector Union climate policy paper, 2020

Blue Economy CRC, CSIRO, UTS, MUA, ETU, AMWU, ACTU, 2021: Offshore wind energy in Australia

Read the ACTU’s Congress 2021 climate and energy policy: A safe climate with good unions jobs

Read the ACTU 2021 Congress Safe Climate Action plan

Clean Exports research

In October 2021 the ACTU partnered with the Australian Conservation Foundation, BCA and WWF to explore the clean export opportunities Australia could pursue. Our detailed research found that Australia could create 395,000 clean energy export jobs in emerging industries such as green hydrogen, green metals, critical minerals, manufacturing batteries and clean energy education and services. But we’ll need Federal leadership and investment to get the industries off the ground and ensure Australia stakes a claim in these massive emergingh industries.

Download the summary clean exports report here.

Download the detailed clean exports report here.

Download the Offshore Wind Energy in Australia Final Project report here.

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