Liberal Minister Ken Wyatt has told The Australian that he needs a pay rise on his $426,000 salary, at a time when workers on average incomes will lose almost $4000 in 2022 in real terms and the Morrison Government is refusing to support pay rises in the Annual Wage Review or the aged care pay case.

The Morrison Government has even refused to grant real pay rises to its own workforce.

Prime Minister Morrison must be honest with the Australian people – does he support Minister Wyatt’s position that politicians are more deserving of a pay rise than the people who clean their offices? 

Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus:

“Mr Wyatt’s claim is both outrageous and completely out of touch. He thinks his $426,000 salary isn’t enough, but isn’t willing to support an increase for workers who rely on the Annual Wage Review or those in aged care.

“At a time when the average worker is seeing their wages go backwards almost $4000 this year alone, does the Prime Minister think he and his ministers are doing it tough?

“This is what Australian workers get from this Government. We are in a cost-of-living crisis but they’re still thinking of themselves.

“Scott Morrison has to be honest with Australians about whether he agrees with his Minister and supports a pay rise for some of Australia’s best paid and least productive workers.”